Howdy, my name's Peter. This is my personal blog about random stuff I like and maybe the occasional late-night personal ramble/emote-sesh.

I'm a singer/songwriter, originally from San Francisco, living in Echo Park, LA now.

How did I get here? I grew up as one of those kids that was forced to play the violin and piano, but then picked up an electric guitar and was never the same again. When I was 16, my dad asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I finally told him, "
I want to be a rock star."

BUT instead, for the next few years I was a closet musician, keeping the music mostly to myself as a studious student at Berkeley. Picking out songs on my Guild and singing in a cappella groups was just for fun right? After a few years of being an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and a venture capitalist on Sand Hill, I realized that passion > blind ambition. We've all got a song to sing, here's mine.

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  • Joe Pass & Carol Kaye - Slick Cat - 1970 [Soul-Jazz]

    From “Better Days” album, 1971.  Damn, this is hot.  Joe Pass playing jazz funk soul, and do you here Carol Kaye on dat bass!  

  • Into the Sea (EP Demo) - Peter Su

    Alright guys.  I’ve been in hermit mode for the last month, demoing 5 songs for my EP.  Pre-production.  Figuring out song structure, arrangements, instruments, textures, harmonies, etc.  Almost went nuts, but now it’s done.  

    Now on to finding a good producer that believes in my music whom I can trust creatively.  Anybody know any good ones I should talk to?  



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  • #ozma at the #fonda Jose Galvez, Daniel Brummel, Star Wick in the shot. #natalieportman love this band #rockandrollpartthree

  • Iv always wanted to see @therentals , at the Fonda no less! #childofthe90s #weezer4life #moog #mattsharp #secretsauce

  • Lol “Looking for jenny that I met at Taix” -telephone poll on sunset across the street from #Mohawkbend. Hope you find her man! #jenny #taix #spreadtheword #echopark

  • The Beach Boys in Studio Q

    Hilarious, Bruce is reminiscing about how they sang, all 6 of them around a mic at Western Recorders, even in spanish on “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times”.  Al is like, what?  In spanish?  Hahaha, then Brian sings this spanish line.  LOL - Al is floored.  

    As a long-time Beach Boys fan, I was shocked too.  

    Al Jardine: We sang in spanish?

    Brian Wilson at 15:01: Cuando sere?  Un dia sere

    When will it be?  One day it will be

  • Brian Wilson on Phil Spector and Be My Baby

    1:01 Brian Wilson impersonating how he flipped out when he first heard “Be My Baby”

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  • "Yeah, yeah, they always say you find something in the LAST place you look …" #frankielliot #kissasmanywomanasyoucan #stories

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  • "I wish it was still raining (even though it still was)"
    #onelinepoems #frankielliot #kissasmanywomanasyoucan #stories #stopandthinkers

  • Striking signs. On the way back from the shine avocado ranch. #nooutlet #noturningaround