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Jasonchenmusic, a vandal on the mic. First time at @tnproject. Very sick environment for creators. Heard some pretty moving poetry and writing tonight. Moved me more than most coachella acts actually

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Ne’er been to do labs at coachella. Exploration fun. #lifewithnofilter #britathatish #ahh

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So fresh and so clean (clean). #outkast #coachella2014

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Walking from #cAravanpalace to #outkast #coachella Friday evening

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#caravanpalace #realmusic whew

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#coachella2014 #sahara stoked to see #mako and @_angeltaylor rawk this stage. Mmm #anticipation

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#herecomesthesun #threepartharmony #beatles @marissalmusic @Matt westerman, Jimmy Latimer in the house! #songwritingschoolofla

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"Nothing’s going to change my world, nothing’s going to change my world". One of my favorite moments at the Beatles night last night, when everybody joined me and Robbie on the chorus. #acrosstheuniverse. Thanks @thoughtburst !

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A little mouth trumpet action tonight at Fox and Hounds. #oldfashionedlove. Thanks @thoughtburst

Posted 3 weeks ago

Music Musing: Pop vs. Art

Went down the 90s pop rabbit hole for a a few hours tonight.  

Some takeaways:

All that 90s teenybopper music, the BSB, Britney, N Sync, Christina, O-Town, 98 Degrees - it was damn catchy.

I personally strive to write music that is both easy to remember, and worth remembering.  But I’m realizing, sometimes it doesn’t matter - not all music has to be dead serious.  Sometimes you just want music that makes you feel happy.

There’s a time and place for all kinds of music - music to dance to, music to make you feel happy, music to reflect on, music to protest, music to summon spirits, etc.  This kind of pop music, make me feel romantic, like I want to place a special lady on a stool and get down on my knees and just croon (til she swoons).

Pure pop artists - that rely on a look and sound to cater to the mainstream taste at the time, don’t have a lot longevity once the audience tastes change, and when the group gets older (e.g. BSB, Britney, Nick Lachey, etc.).  

Compare to artists that cater to their own muse with their own worldview. In Bob Dylan’s Chronicles, he talks about how he was attracted to music that changed the way he thought about the world, that hit his world from another angle.  He compares himself to a pop singer contemporary at the time, Ricky Nelson, who got all the girls and had a lot of pop hits.  Reading between the lines, you realize that it was Bob’s songs like “Blowin’ in the Wind" that have stood the test of time, whereas I can’t really name a Ricky Nelson tune.

Having said all that -  I’ll always love music that makes people feel good.