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Milestone: The First Time Someone Bought Me A Drink During a Show


The 53 year old, with the gray-orangish beard, who had just dropped his girlfriend off at the airport for 5 days, leaning his elbows over the wet bar at the Cork Lounge, the bar you don’t really frequent that much but stop into every once in a while.  Thank you.

Thank you for buying me that beer, after the second social I did with the crowd.  You were the first stranger to ever buy me a beer during my set.  Even if it was just a $2 for the PBR special, I don’t care.  All I care about is that you heard me and we connected through my music.

I thought it was a little weird when you bought me the pbr, and then started talking really loudly during my 6th song, but I figured it was cuz of all the socials I had done to lubricate the audience for Naomi and the Bandits that came on after me.  It is all good.  Thanks again man - you made my night, if not month. 

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Rick James & Neil Young - I’ll Wait Forever (Mix 1)

Wow - Rick James and Neil Young.  First time hearing of the infamous “Mynah Birds”, the band Neil was in, before driving out to California.  Funny, how neither sound like what they eventually became known for.

Posted 6 days ago @arcadefire #wakeup Made music with two guys I just met in a parking garage on Tuesday night - so much fun. @claudeomusic and Andy Kim. #coachella #downtownla #garageband #4am #naturalreverb

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Jasonchenmusic, a vandal on the mic. First time at @tnproject. Very sick environment for creators. Heard some pretty moving poetry and writing tonight. Moved me more than most coachella acts actually

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Ne’er been to do labs at coachella. Exploration fun. #lifewithnofilter #britathatish #ahh

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So fresh and so clean (clean). #outkast #coachella2014

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Walking from #cAravanpalace to #outkast #coachella Friday evening

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#caravanpalace #realmusic whew

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#coachella2014 #sahara stoked to see #mako and @_angeltaylor rawk this stage. Mmm #anticipation

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#herecomesthesun #threepartharmony #beatles @marissalmusic @Matt westerman, Jimmy Latimer in the house! #songwritingschoolofla